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Professional Pictures - Pricilla Harper, Photographer

Added: Mar 25, 2013
Category: For Vacation Home Owners

I would like to think that I have an artistic talent.   In my early years I had great aspirations to become an artist.    I don’t know when exactly my artistic desires got buried, but recently they have been rekindled with photography.  While I know I will never be an Ansel Adams or an Annie Leibovitz, I hoped that I had a little raw talent that showed through.  After working alongside a real professional, I realize that hope isn’t a replacement for skill and real talent.

Great photography can take the simplest thing and make it art.  When we are taking pictures of our vacation homes, there is a tendency to be a little over confident in our ability to take a picture that tells a storey.  Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside a professional photographer and the owner of Abigail House.   Pricilla Harper  owns and operates Pricilla Harper Photography, Crystal Lake, Illinois.  Her art has been exhibited in the Smithsonian, State Museum of Illinois, various magazines, calendars and note cards.   Ms Harper specializes in documenting event celebrations and has a keen eye for capturing images that evokes both a feeling of being in the moment and presenting a storey that captures your imagination.

On the day of the shoot we were very fortunate to get a perfect winter’s day that gave lots of natural light.   Chris and Michelle prepped the house and we worked on dressing the beds for the photo shoot.  Abigail and Pricilla worked on the best angles, and I concentrated on making sure everything was neat, tidy, smooth and inviting!    Pricilla must have taken over 150 pictures to get the best 18 interior shots.   She had previously taken a beautiful vignette of the back garden that will continue to be a favourite picture of ours!

I learned a lot about photography that day.  I learned the difference between a good camera and my iphone, the use of natural light, patience to set up the best angle, and most of all, I learned the passion of a real photographer is not the image but the emotion.    It’s not about taking a picture of a bedroom or a dining room, it’s about ambiance, architecture, colour, comfort, light and space.     It was a lot of effort on everyone’s part  to set up the photo shoot, but the experience got Abigail and I on the same page.  It got us to focus on guest experience and realizing the trust the guests puts into the pictures presented.  

The other joy was that all the photographs were properly prepared for posting to VRBO, FlipKey and other marketing material!   I can’t tell you how many times pictures will not be accepted because of photo shoping, size, image quality etc… so frustrating to spend hours trying to get pictures onto the listing websites only to have them ultimately rejected.

Thanks to both Abigail and Pricilla, Chris and Michelle .... let the bookings begin!

Have a look at Pricilla’s work on !

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