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Ho Ho Ho Time!

Added: Dec 20, 2012
Category: News About NOTL

Ho Ho Ho, Christmas and the holidays just a week away, how come it seems to arrive faster every year?  When I look outside, its more like spring, great for nice walks around the town, not so great if you have a dog.  At the local off-leash park it’s pretty muddy and of course, pooches being pooches, they head straight for the nearest muddy puddle!  Hmmmmm


The town looks very festive, lights and garlands everywhere, Queen Street looks like a picture post card, lights twinkling in the trees and the shops sparkling with goodies.  All the hotels in the Vintage Inns Group, The Prince of Wales, Queen’s Landing, the Pillar and Post, Oban Inn, as usual, look beautiful, nothing is spared when it comes to decorations.  How could you not been in a festive mood?!  Many of our guests who stay in one of our cottages over the holidays, want someone else to cook during the holidays (who can blame them?), so they make a reservation at one of the hotels, or perhaps one of our excellent restaurants/wineries, Peller Estates, Hillebrand, Oban Inn, Charles Inn, etc. all have wonderful menu’s and world class chefs.  You don’t even have to drive, we have a very good taxi service, Niagara Classic Cabs, they’ll pick you up from the cottage and when you’re finished they’ll pick you up from the restaurant.


I remember before we lived here, on one of our visits to NOTL about 26 years ago.  We arrived on Christmas Eve having driven straight from work in Toronto, we had made a reservation at a local inn.  We unloaded the car and went for a walk into town, it must have been about 6:30pm.  As we turned onto Queen Street what an unforgettable sight we saw, snow was falling gently (big snow as I call it), there was no one on the street, no traffic had driven by and so everything was coated with a untouched, glistening layer of white, all the shops and lights looked at their best.  it was magical, a ‘Kodak’ moment, never to be forgotten, but as I now realize it’s a typical scene here.  Hope you can have the same experience one Christmas!


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, hope to see you in 2013

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