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What does Mary Berry , Niagara-on-the-Lake and a vacation rental have in common?

Added: Dec 05, 2015
Category: Stuff We Recommend

Quite a bit actually!

Today I attended a full day of christmas baking with Chef Stacie Royds at the Niagara college!  What fun to be a real setting that looked like it could be a TV Show.

Butcher Block work stations, industrial mixers, at least 10 ovens for baking, and a few other ovens for who knows what!  There was all sorts of lovely ingredients, shiny metal shelving and it was fun to set up your work station to get ...ready set bake!

First a chocolate swiss roll, the sponge needed to be baked and cooling while we prepared the other cookies.   Chef Royds demonstrated the techniques of folding in meringues with batter and then set us off to do it ourselves.  Then came the shortbread cookies with maraschino cherry centres, then peppermint candy cane cookies and ending it all with biscotti.  All in all we left with about 10 dozen cookies and a beautiful yule log, with lovely cream filling and drizzled in chocolate!  It really smelled like Christmas!  

While exhausted to be on my feet for 5 hours rushing around it was a lot of fun!  I can't show you pictures of my creations because I could just hear what Mary Berry would say...well not a lot of consistency in shape or size, they are a bit messy to look at, but then the flavour is what counts! 

Afterward I spoke with Chef Royds and she'd be pleased to offer baking lessons or be your guest chef during your stay at one of our vacation homes!!!  I think that would be a hoot!  Chef Royds is very personable and knowledgeable...just the sort your want to sit down with over a glass of wine!  

Niagara College has become well known locally as one of the top culinary schools in Canada.  It is also a place where you can take continuing education courses just for pleasure.  Offering anything from soups, to breads to making sushi!  It is the Canadian Culinary Food and Wine Institute.  

Don't feel like cooking yourself, you can either invite Chef Royd to your vacation home to demonstrate cooking or pre prepare a meal for you!  Or go enjoy the Chefs-in-training at Benchmark, a beautiful intimate setting sure to satisfy your appetite

Want a great idea to beat the winter blues now that the Canadian $ makes travel to the sunny south a little to rich for your blood?  Come stay at a vacation rental and book Chef Stacie Royds for either a cooking lesson or prepare a meal for you.  Get your best friends together, book your vacation rental, get some wine in and you are all set for an adventure that you'll remember!  Chef Royds contact information is 905-646-3256  or .

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