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Booking and planning your vacation

Added: Feb 19, 2016
Category: What's up

So the decision is made you are coming to beautiful Niagara on the Lake and renting a vacation rental!


So let get started! Check out all the vacation rentals available in Niagara on the Lake. Send an inquiry to make sure it is available for the days you want!


Now let’s make sure we call the credit card company to verify we have travel insurance on your credit card. If not then you may want to contact your financial institution and see how to make sure you are covered. Please make sure you tell them you are going to be traveling to Ontario, Canada.


If your financial institution does not have travel insurance, you can try Green Shield, Travel Guard, Manulife, AAA/CAA Automotive club. You can always google vacation rentals travelers insurance.


Wow, now that travel/medical insurance is in place! Let’s make sure your passports are up to date and cover you for at least 6 weeks after your planned departure date! Passports are needed if you are traveling here from outside of Canada.


Now it’s time to book your vacation home with Niagara Holiday Rentals! But hold on, you have different quotes from different websites??? Likely it is because you received your quote in American dollars and all quotes received from Niagara Holiday Rentals are in Canadian dollars. Don’t worry your credit card will convert it to currency your card is denominated in. For Americans, right now that’s a huge savings!!!! Wow! What a bonus! Extra spending money for that long awaited vacation!


Now let’s put the agenda in place! Arrive in beautiful Niagara on the Lake at your vacation home!


Plan all your activities for the day! Trust us you will only want to plan for each day as they arrive. You will be so relax and comfy in your vacation home you may not want to leave! But if you do, the adults can go on wine tours. You can hire a wine tour company like Hidden Gems or do a bicycle wine tour. Take a stroll down Queen Street and visit the stores and see what great deals you can get! Take the family on a horse and carriage ride through town and get a bit of a history lesson! Go on the Whirlpool Jet boat up the river (hope you don’t mind getting wet!)


Take the family to Fort George, where they can learn about the war of 1812. If the children want to swim, take them to the community pool or play tennis, hiking, bicycling. You can rent bikes right here in Niagara on the Lake! Go down to the river and let them skip rocks on the water and watch the sail boats go bye! Or take a blanket, a ball, and a good storey book and watch the sun set at Ryerson Park.


Plan a day trip to Niagara Falls. Go to Clifton Hills and the kid in all of you will have a blast. From all the different museums, mini putt, Ferris wheel, aero car ride across the gorge, thundering water tour behind the falls, go on the Horn Whistle Boat which goes to the bottom of the falls and the best part of Niagara Falls is seeing the 8th wonder of the world!


Return to your vacation rental and relax. Sit and watch some television or play a game of cards. While enjoying a glass of local wine!


Have a good night sleep and wake up refresh and ready to enjoy your day!!

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