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Season's Greetings from NHR

Added: Dec 23, 2012
Category: What's up

Season’s Greetings to our extended Niagara Holiday Rentals family!

What a rollercoaster year we’ve had!  Eric and I are pleased that we have grown not only in the number of vacation homes we offer, but in the crew that supports us and makes us look good!   We now have part time help, Debbie and Ralph, who are great support in the office, housekeeping and the maintenance of the homes.  Our housekeeping team has expanded keeping our homes spotless and ready for guests to enjoy!  Jessica, Cecy and Alvaro, join Joyce, Chris and Michelle.  We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Irene who we hope will join us again next year.  Jeff has gone back to school and we wish him well, though his work ethic will ensure his success!  We also want to thank the Laundry Tub, Balzac’s Coffee and Neob Lavender who have provided excellent service and products over this year.  Where would we have been without:  Charlie Turner with his quick response to our multitude of heating and air concerns;  Greg Oberlein, with his seemingly unflappable demeanor at our quirky demands from resolving the ravages of raccoon occupations to persistent leaky skylights to designing, remodeling and fixing whatever he was called upon to do;  Dan Williams has prove to be an electrician extraordinaire;  Wolfgang Minhorst with his superb craftsmanship and handyman solutions, while his wife Marion keeps him organized in between all her garden work;  Daniel Bertrand with his College Performance team,  because he gets way up on the ladder ( where not one of us will go) cleaning windows, siding and gutters; and Dave DeBoer whose reliability, efficiency and incredible service tending to our lawns and snow removal, makes us all look so darn good to our neighbours and guests!  Last but never least, is our vacation home owners, who open the doors and welcome all of us into their second homes.  We all share a love for our community and thanks to all, we continue to prosper.

Everyone’s efforts has paid off because Trip Advisor awarded us “Top Rental Manager” for 2012! The one constant source of joy during our year was the treasured comments from our guests about how much they enjoyed their stay, the memories they will take with them and the gratitude to have the opportunity to experience Niagara-on-the-Lake at its quintessential best!

We often refer to our business as a partnership between us, our crew, our vacation home owners and our guests.  While partnership is a good business word, this past year it seems to have evolved into a sense of family with all its quirks, laughs, respect and support.  It is our combined effort that makes us successful in offering this special form of accommodation which allows family’s to reunite and friends to gather while enjoying the comforts of a home in a community that has something to appeal to everyone!      

We would be remiss if we did not take a moment to reflect on some of the challenges we have all faced this past year.   While business always has obstacles to overcome, it is the personal struggles that touch our hearts and are in our thoughts.  The loss of loved ones, health challenges, broken hearts or the angst of being young or growing older has caused us all to shed maybe more than a few tears. We are always happy to share our happy guest stories but we have respected the privacy of ones that reunite to grieve or share one last vacation with a loved one.  We have guests who come to heal their bodies and their souls as they take a break from their everyday life.    To our Niagara Holiday family members who have experienced sorrow this past year,   we hope that we were of some comfort, and we wish that happier times will soon prevail.

Looking toward 2013, we have launched Facebook for Niagara Holiday Rentals and under our banner created a page for each home.  We encourage everyone to share your experiences and post pictures too!  Please become a friend and pass us on to your friends and families!


This year we also started blogging on  and we are all a Twitter now with daily news, scoops and humorous observations!  If you are so inclined, please provide us with articles, comments, links or pictures to post. We are looking to expand our social media efforts over the next year to try and remain “hip”  or is  “cool” still ok to say? “Phatt” was two years ago… maybe its ‘sick”…. whatever the term is we’ll try and be the “it” in vacation homes in NOTL!


Eric and I want to thank you all and wish you a very Merry Christmas.  May the New Year bring us all joy, good health and prosperity!  We are really looking forward to working with you, greeting guests and to continue to strive to achieve our goal of exemplary service to all!

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