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Our Amazing Little Town!

Added: Jul 16, 2017
Category: News About NOTL

Its Sunday Morning in the middle of July, Eric and I have been working pretty much 7 days a week since May and we are getting a little tired of the routine but also content that everything at our vacation rentals are running smoothly.  This year has been proof in the pudding that being proactive on maintenance, staffing, supply inventory and repairs has reduced our stress levels immensely.

So about 9:00 this morning, we thought why not take an hour or so, enjoy a cup of coffee together and just kick back and relax.  Then a car pulls up in our drive.   Its an elderly couple and we realize that its the former owners of our home.  We purchased our house the summer of 2010 in Niagara on the Lake, not to far from the Commons.  Our home was built in the 1980's but it looks like a typical 1950's bungalow and nothing like what you would think a house in Niagara on the Lake looks like.   So this couple who are now approaching their 90's heard that we'd made some changes and they were feeling good so they wanted to come to town (they now live in Toronto) and have a look.

What a walk down memory lane for them.   They moved here after their kids left home and would have stayed but health issues forced them to be closer to their family in Toronto.   We went over some of the changes we made, and some of the updates, but mostly like us, it was the garden that they loved and enjoyed.  So they were pleased to see that we had maintained what they had started and expanded a little with a few more trees.

But this got me to thinking about the changes in our town since I started coming here in the 1980's.   My parents moved here from Hunstville, but my Dad grew up in this area and would take the plums they grew on the farm in Fruitland and bring them to the Pillar and Post, then a cannery.   This was prior to WW2. 

Now we are known as the prettiest little town in Canada, one of the most historical areas, we are the foodie capital of Canada, have the most award winning wineries of any region in Canada, you can paddle board up the Niagara River, enjoy the biking and hiking trails, scenic driving routes, and have some of the best festivals, live theater and music found anywhere in North America.

So as our visitors left, I could see a little sad look of what they had once really enjoyed about our town,  and I realized they didn't miss the fancy diners or the theater crowd, or wineries.  What they missed was simply walking around town, enjoying the uniqueness of a small town that has really done its best to preserve our history and culture.   They really just wanted a chance to remember when they felt good and safe.

So in Eric and I very busy life, we forget about why we moved here .  We have gotten wrapped up in making sure that every guest really enjoys their time in town. But we forget to enjoy it ourselves.    And now when I talk to guests booking one of our vacation rentals, our discussions are about stuff to do, go see this, go get tickets for that , make sure you make reservations.  I am forgetting that there is just the simple pleasure of enjoying time with friends and family in a quaint little town, where you can walk around  the neighborhood, go to the parks for picnics or stroll along the waterfront trails and feel the breeze.  Yep we are all busy these days, but busy doing what?  So ask yourself, do you really remember about your visit to our town?  I bet its a feeling, one of happiness about time well spent.  

so if you are looking for a vacation Rental by Owner in Niagara or looking for affordable accommodation in Niagara on the Lake.  Why not book a vacation Home? Vacation Rental gives you all the feeling of living like a local but not the burden of home ownership!

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