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Cycling Niagara - Niagara Holiday Rentals is Bike Friendly

Added: Sep 13, 2017
Category: What's up

Just had a great meeting with Sue Morin from Venture Niagara to figure out if our company, Niagara Holiday Rentals qualifies as a Bike Friendly Firm under their program..... and it does!   We are so excited, because cycling has become the number one request from our guests who like to book vacation rentals in Niagara!

We are happy to say that lots of our homes are perfect for those that like to cycle the region of Niagara.   The two loops around the peninsula can be be found on    These are routes highly recommended by the cycling enthusiasts but are considered fairly easy and great for beginners.  The real cycling enthusiasts do the 70 K routes and those like me, do the 10K or even better the one that passes the bakery shop on Mary St. in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Willow Bakery!

To become a bike friendly firm we need to offer water, a place to store you bike, ability to charge your phone and washroom facilities.   However we want to ramp it up a notch and include a place to wash your bike, bike wrack and clean rags.    We will talk with our home owners and see what we can come up with that will help make it easy for you to enjoy cycling in niagara!!

For those of you who are novices and either don't have a bike or don't feel comfortable starting off on your own, we have places here in town that will help you get back on the bike, and get you feeling like a kid again.

Zoom and Grape Escape offer bike rentals and guided tours.   So it doesn't matter your skill level, they are there to help you!  For me I am a bit of a loner, I just like taking my good old Vista Cruiser out for a leisurely ride along the quieter streets on the South side of town.   The main routes for Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls are along Hwy 55, Lake Shore Road and the Niagara Parkway.  But these are congested in the high tourist season and especially on weekends.   I like riding mid week and taking the back roads, but I of   course am not biking to one of the many wineries in the area, I am just out for the joy of having the wind on my face and the road beneath my feet!

Biking to the wineries is very popular and most of the destination wineries like Ravine, Jackson Triggs, Trius, Pillitari and Wayne Gretzy's have out door patio's so attire isn't an issue.   Along the Lake shore there is Konzolman's (which is now my favourite chardonnay) and a few other wineries but unless its the weekend and you head up to Small Talk ( now known as Stone Church) there isn't much else.   If you head to the welland canal then you can get some of the best fries  at M&B Munchies.  For Ice Cream go along Stewart Rd to the Avondale Dairy and step back into the 1950's at the old fashioned dairy where banana splits, malts and sundae's with real whip cream will take you back to your childhood!

So glad to have spent the time meeting with Sue, her  big focus right now is bridget.   Which is a pontoon boat that gets you across the canal!   This is a free service and over 300 cyclists a day use it, the wait in never more than 10 minutes!   check out the routes and look for our logo to appear soon!

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