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Ghost Tours Niagara on the Lake

Added: Sep 21, 2017
Category: For Vacation Home Owners

There are lots of really interesting things to do in and around town, but for those that like the adventure of the unknown and who aren't faint of heart, Niagara on the Lake is known to be the most haunted town in Canada!

This morning was one of those perfect autumn mornings where the mist rise with the morning sun.  The Commons is a large park in town with fields of purple aster and golden rod.   In the far field you can see the Canadian Flag flying high over Fort George.     This eerie site can't help but recall the stories of those that have past before us on this very site. 

Fort George is a must on your adventure list for your stay in Niagara on the Lake!  They have 3 different tours throughout the year,  depending on how much spook you can take!  These ghost walks are educational and entertaining!

Available all year around.  By far the best is the Halloween Tour but by your tickets in advance before they are sold out.  Also book your vacation rental at Niagara Holiday Rentals  so that you can all walk to the tour then walk back to your vacation home, some that were built in circa 1900's!  whhhoooooohhhooohh   Halloween Tours are

Halloween 2017 Tours

October 13, 14, 15
October 20, 21, 22
October 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

Halloween Tours start at:
7:00, 7:15 & 7:30 pm
10:00, 10:15 & 10:30 pm (excluding Sunday tours)

Halloween tickets must be purchased in advance.

This weekend starts the Niagara Historical Society Museum's Cemetery Walk , which is sold out every year so get your tickets now!  This is an amazing event held annually at the St Mark's Church at 41 Byron ST.  Local volunteers are dressed in the era of the town characters that are buried in the cemetery.  So as get a guided walk through the cemetery, you are introduced to long past souls that formed what we know now as Niagara On the Lake, but these characters are charming, and like any small town, full of opinions and visions of what they think the town should be.  Also are characters from the many battles that were fought here and the unknown soldiers that were laid to rest.

Year around Ghost walks and Dark History Tours can be booked through Ghost Walks and they are rated one of the top 10 ghost walks  in Canada!   Located right off of Queen St between Starbucks and the Value Mart (Grocery Store)

Foggy morning - Ft George1 (2).JPG

While technically the Screaming Tunnel isn't in Niagara on the Lake, its something that intrigues me but I have yet to visit.  Legend has it that a young girl died in the tunnel trying to escape from the fire that burned her home.  Her father set the fire after being kicked out by his wife. The home is no longer there, but legend has it if you light a match in the middle of the tunnel, the young girl's ghost will blow it out.  Sometimes, you can hear her screams if you are quiet and listen carefully.   There are lots of youtube videos but I think visiting it yourself is the only way to hear the screams, doesn't seem like the videos pick up the sound but is apparent that those that are there are hearing something!

So come book a getaway and visit the Most Haunted Town in Canada !  Book your stay any time of the year with Niagara Holiday Rentals, we offer top rated vacation rentals in Niagara!

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