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#1 with TripAdvisor!

Added: Mar 02, 2015
Category: News About NOTL

TripAdvisor has given Niagara-on-the-Lake the number 1 recommended wine and culinary destination spot in Canada... and I would like to say the best spot in eastern standard time zone!!

Every day I learn about something new and intersting in this town.  Recently the local hot spot we nicknamed 'Rest" but is actually the Stone Road Grill closed after 11 years of being the number one restaurant in town with tourists and locals alike.   Treadwells opened on Queen St and I think the competition wore out the owners as we patrons can be a little fickle from time to time.  But the good news is that Now the orginal chef  Ryan Crawford is opening up in its place.  Ryan and his wife Beverly Hotchkiss moved back to town and worked on a farm to table catering business called Gastrohomestead and now they have taken the leap into a full time restaurant.  We will be excited to taste their cooking as the continue in their tradition of local grown and raised !

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