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June 20 to June 27

Added: Jun 20, 2014
Category: News About NOTL

Welcome to Niagara-on-the-Lake!!   This spring, Mother Nature giving us hot humid summer days, torrents of rain and then glorious blue skies. All of which is making the blossoms fuller, the grass greener and our appreciation of each pretty day we get even more!! This next weeks for cast is sun, sun and more sun, with temperatures perfect for getting out and enjoying the day!

The attached newsletter is published by our local museum which is a must place to visit during your stay! The newsletter is interesting enough but it also lists events and activities that are going on during your stay, its worth the read!

In addition we have until June 22 the Niagara New Vintage Wine Festival June 21 is the Strawberry Festival, the plumpest Strawberries are anticipated for your mouth watering delight! There are 2 movies that were filmed right here in NOTL – The Angel Inn and Niagara on Fire!

The Niagara Integrated Film Fest is on from June 19 to 22 with movies and dinner at different venues including the wineries ..kick off is at 9:00 pm tonight at Market Square in behind the court house

For those of you interested in getting something checked off your bucket list the 35K Laura Secord Walk is on Saturday June 21 for more info go to   or for those interested in history but don’t have the time for a 35K walk you can have especially prepared tea at the McFarland House or Ravine Winery has a chocolate and cheese pairing!

Celebrate the Summer Solstice on Saturday June 21 with Drum Down the Sun at Queens Royal Park (by the gazebo at the waterfront) , 7:00 PM

The inaugural cruise is July 1st, so this maybe something to look forward to next year, The Niagara Belle is offering dinner, lunch and brunch cruises from the docks near the Sailing Club

And don’t forget to check out our custom tailored guide book! We are updating it all the time so check it out on our home page on !

Grocery shopping is at the Value Mart 130 Queen St. Fresh fruit and vegetable stands with all the best of the local produce are all along concession roads in and around town. Best pie is at the Pie Plate in Virgil (1516 Niagara Stone Rd), great organic frozen meats grill ready at the Fruit Shack (1267 Niagara Stone Road but don’t be tempted with their butter tarts, its an addiction from first bite!). Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings the Farmer’s Market is open on Hwy 55 just across from Jackson Triggs in the Shopper Drug Mart plaza.

Simcoe Park at the corner of Queen and King have a wonderful wading pool for the little ones and a beautiful park with play sets. Bigger kids of any age can enjoy the community pool, for more info click this link . The best way to enjoy our town is walking or biking! If you can’t bring your bikes there are several places to rent, but I suggest reserve in advance!

Don’t forget to call us when you are about 20 minutes away at 905-468-8985!   We are open from 9:00 to 7:00 pm so please make sure you check that you can get on the wireless, that you know how to operate the TV!   If you are checking in outside of our normal business hours please call ahead!

In your vacation home we have after hour emergency contact numbers.

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