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July 19, 20th 2013, Storm of the Summer???

Added: Jul 21, 2013
Category: News About NOTL

July 20, the storm of the summer so far!!


Oh my goodness, when the storm started about 9:00 pm on Friday night, I thought we’d miss the brunt of it. However about 1:00 am, Mother Nature surely became disgruntled because we had a good 4 hours of thunder and lightning and over 4 inches of rain.

In the movie Poltergeist there is a scene that is meant to comfort the children.   It’s that you count the seconds between the thunder and the lightning.   Since seeing that movie I have always done that. It lets me know when the storm is getting closer and then when it is moving away.   Well for those 4 hours, I don’t think it was less than a second between for the most of it!!  

Our guests on the waterfront spent the time watching it over the water; it was a spectacular show for them!!   We often here from our guests that the off season is the best time for the water front properties because it is so interesting to watch the weather over Lake Ontario.

Most of the power was out across the Niagara Region. Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro had to reset the breakers (or something) on each pole. Eric had a chance to talk to one of the crew, and they explained that is was the fastest way to get the power back.   By noon everyone was up and running.   Fortunately the Harvest Barn and MacDonald’s never lost power. The line ups were long there for any kind of breakfast item.   I am sure that lots of hotel and B&B guests got MacDonald’s Coffee and pastries from Harvest Barn for breakfast!

We are so grateful to most of guests who just took the loss of power in their stride while we worked on some major issues to resolve and ensure that the guests staying at the houses that were affected by storm shorting out sump pumps and water heaters were attended to first.

The town was back to normal by 2:00 pm with all the stores open for business on what became one of the most beautiful days of the summer so far!

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