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Know where your Vacation Home is Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake...You get what you pay for!

Added: Jan 07, 2014
Category: Stuff Eric & Janet Recommend

What you should know about the location of your vacation home!

We do most of our bookings by the guest calling us after they have found our vacation home VRBO, FlipKey or other local sites like Cottages of Niagara or the Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce accommodation websites.

Niagara-on-the-Lake actually encompasses a large area after the amalgamation of Virgil, Queenston, St David’s and Niagara-on-the-Lake.   What has evolved is a couple of terms relating to the proximity to Queen Street. Queen Street is the main shopping, restaurants and theatre district; it is surrounded by what the locals call the Heritage District. The Heritage district is from the River to about Centre St and bordered by King St and Mississauga Street.   Old Town refers to a bit bigger are than the Historic District. Its street boundaries aren’t as well defined but basically its anywhere that is within a 12 minute stroll to Queen ST.

Queen St is popular because that is where the Shaw Festival Theatres are located, it is also where the boutique shops are like Just Christmas, Serendipity, the Irish Shop, By-the-Lake, Beau Chapeau, The Wine Shop, Cheese Secrets and a whole bunch of other shops!! Plus Starbucks and Balzac’s coffee shop. In addition Fort George is within walking distance.

The other popular area because of its quaintness and proximity to the best sunsets in Ryerson Park is Chautauqua. This historic area has its origins back to the early 1800’s and then evolved into an arts and crafts summer vacation home for the founders of Chautauqua in upstate NY. A hub and spoke layout the streets are named Wickliffe, Wilberforce, Addison, Vincent and Luther!

The price of a vacation home is determined by the location (proximity to Queen St), number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms.   The price per bedroom will range from about $175/night to $250/night. Anything cheaper will not be in the Old Town.  

We strongly recommend that you thoroughly check out your vacation home, ask for the location and speak to the owner or property manager in person.   Unfortunately our industry has some unscrupulous activity by scoundrels who steal the identity of these homes.   All of our bookings are through Visa or MasterCard.

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