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Butterfly Conservatory Niagara Parks

Added: Aug 09, 2013
Category: Stuff Eric & Janet Recommend

Butterflies are Magical!

My Mom-in-law, Dot, and her best friend Edna are up for a weeks’ visit. They are from North Carolina and it’s their first time to be here in August.   Having shown them most of NOTL and wanting to do something special but not too much walking (Dot has recently had problems whit her knees!) We thought of the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory.   I hadn’t been in years!

So we took them for picturesque drive along the Niagara Parkway and waved hello at Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Lord Mayor Ekes as he was getting his garbage cans in (our mayor is the only one in North America where protocol dictates he be addressed with the English title of “Lord Mayor”).

We took a drive through Queenston to Brock’s Memorial, then along past the floral clock (lots of childhood memories there!) then to the Arial Car for a vista of the Whirlpool at the base of Niagara Falls. We watched a Niagara Jet boat as it shot the rapids, I remember how much I screamed when I was on it last year….ssssoooooo much fun, but I have never been wetter in my life!!)   .

When we parked at the Butterfly Conservatory I don’t think neither Dot nor Edna knew what to expect. The line up to get in was short and when you enter the doors it was like a magical moment. All sorts of butterflies, big and small, beautiful blues, yellows, stripes and all shapes and sizes. The setting is one that feels surreal. A really place to ponder the magnificent accomplishments of Mother Nature! Everyone there was delighted and another miracle was that the children that were there were quiet! Undoubtedly just as mesmerized as we were! Butterflies so gently floating around us all!

We did a little shopping in the store and Edna bought earrings and I bought butterfly placemats. But I was naughty, there was a very real looking butterfly that was a magnet, so I put it on Edna’s shoulder….well I just about scared her to death! Then we all started laughing so hard, we just about cried!

To help plan your visit to the wonders of the Niagara Parks, please visit this link:

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