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Window Shopping on Queen Street

Added: Jul 27, 2013
Category: Stuff Eric & Janet Recommend

This morning it was a day where I just could not face the computer first thing in the morning. I have been working through all the glorious days this week so I decided enough was enough!

I strolled down by the water and watched a man and his teenage grandson get paddle Board lessons with (905-401-7879). Both grandpa and grandson were so intent while grandma looked on smiling. Me, I wanted to join right in! Total lack of coordination aside, I’d love to learn to Paddle Board!

Then I window shopped all along Queen St.   Most times I am looking at the flowers or the people for today it struck me how wonderful the window of all the stores are done up. From hat stores (Beau Chapeau) , to galleries, to coffee shops to clothing stores. There are kitchen shops (Serendipity), Christmas Store (Just Christmas), books stores, kids stores (The Owl and the Pussy Cat), jam shops , all with beautiful window displays.  

In particular the window of the dress shop Valle Verde is strikingly beautiful to me.   I wonder if they have the windows professionally done, but I think they change to often to have someone in all the time!

I have also had the pleasure of shopping in the newly opened Natasha Bradlley Home store… just getting their foot print into the Canadian market, this company has been successful in the UK for many years!

I rounded out my walk by heading home through the Commons which has been the home to many a thing, including The Cub Scouts Jamboree, A Tragically Hip Concert, Dogs, soldiers, museums and just ordinary folk like me, enjoying a stroll on a perfect morning!

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