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My perfect Saturday Morning in NOTL

Added: Jul 13, 2013
Category: Stuff Eric & Janet Recommend

A perfect Saturday morning…


…on this absolutely beautiful morning, I coundn’t face the computer to do up my reports and processing.   I just had an itch to get out and enjoy the glorious sunshine without the heat or humidity.   I grabbed up a girlfriend and the local news paper, Niagara Advance, and went to garage sales! What a fun morning of meeting up with friends that I hadn’t seen since the snow melted and all the little treasures people are parting with.   I bought absolutely nothing, although tempted many times!! Then to the farmer’s market for a good mooch around all the local produce and vendors.

Being on Weight Watchers and remembering my leaders voice from our last Thursday morning, its ok to indulge once in a while, but we have to remember there are lots and lots of temptations because we live in Niagara-on-the-Lake, so I passed by the lovely artisan breads and goodies from the Willow Bakery, had a good chat with a young chap just starting his canning business and he’s doing well with some awesome spreads, chutney’s and relishes. Then I was drawn to the fresh herbs, fruit and veggies. I loved the fresh cut bouquets of flowers too!  

But I left all temptation behind to go to the new patio area between Starbucks and the newly opened Treadwell’s Restaurant then checked out the gallery in town, its also located right beside the Val mart Grocery store on Queen St.     Oh so beautiful, I want to redecorate my house!!

So I settled on a skinny vanilla late and wished that Weight Watchers would allow me a sweet treat from the new Italian store, Gelato Di Carlotta Latteria … but maybe next month!!

…now its noon, and I have to go back to work!!!!! But I had my perfect morning and got to enjoy my town.   I love living in Niagara-on-the-Lake, it’s a great place to be!

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