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Maple Syrup Farm - January to April

Added: Jan 06, 2013
Category: Stuff Eric & Janet Recommend

Nothing says February than Maple Syrup!


When I was a little girl, the farmer at the end of our lake used to make maple syrup the old fashioned way.   I remember going around with him on the snowmobile tapping the trees and hanging the bucket.  Always making sure we were on the south side of the tree.  Then the thrill to go get warmed up at the sugar shack.  The smell of sweet syrup in a rolling boil, the wood smoke and the fresh cold air all mingled into a joyous delight for the senses.   Mmmmm,  the first scoop up of snow  with a drizzle of maple syrup.  Noses cold, body sweating in those onesies snow suites, hands bare, mittens hanging from strings and seeing the mist of your breath as you said ‘yes please’ to another drizzle.

These memories are from a long time ago, and from northern Ontario where our family cottage still stands on a lake that is pretty much the same as it was so many years ago.  The sugar shack is no longer there as the next generations did not continue the business.   But never fear, you can enjoy it much closer to home!

Check out   The  White Meadows Farm is just now preparing for the ‘harvest’ of maple syrup.  You can enjoy the farm, the sugar shack  and the trails for a maple syrup experience fun for all ages!   Open now until April,   you can even see how they  created something event better than a snow drizzle!

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