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Fruit festival schedule for summer 2013

Added: Jul 06, 2013
Category: What's up

Those lazy, hazy days of summer, just a fantastic time of year.  We had more rain than usual in the spring and so the fruit, vegetables and flowers are at their very best.  There are lots of road side stands selling their wares and festivals celebrating the bountiful harvest grown in this 'fruit basket' area of Ontario.


Here are some dates of the festivals celebrating Niagara's bounty


July, 6th                      -           A Cherry Festival held at St, Mark's Church - you can pick up cherries, cherry pies, jams and many other items made with cherries!


August 10th    -           Peach Festival - this is held on the Queen Street (which will be closed to traffic) and everything involving peaches is there for you picking: ice cream, pies,                                             jams, sauces, chutneys etc. its just a fun day.


August 11th    -           More peach celebration being held in the ground of St. Vincent de Paul Church, there are many other activities too.


Of course we are also famous for our grapes which produces world class wines.  So while in the area take a side trip to some of the wineries, they're just fabulous.


If you're in town on a Wednesday or Saturday try a visit to the farmers market which is held just off Highway 55 as you enter the town.  There are lots of locals farmers, with fresh fruits and veggies picked on the day.  Delicious bakery treats and breads are available from local bakeries, and if you're hungry, amazing waffles.  This is a very popular venue with picnic tables where you can eat your goodies, so bring the kids they love it too.

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