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Rememberance Day, 2012

Added: Nov 12, 2012
Category: What's up

Remembrance Day in Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2012

What a beautiful day to have to celebrate our Veterans!  This year we had to work so we didn’t make it to the Cenotaph on Queen Street for the ceremony, but we paid our respects as the clock struck 11:00 am.     It was a bright sunny warm November day, a day to cherish as well as to remember our heroes that are no longer walking with us.

The history of our Nation‘s conflicts is all around us in Niagara-on-the-Lake:   The Cenotaph in the heart of town; the historical Commons with its self interpretive walking path and War Museum; Fort George and on the not so distant shores of the USA, Fort Niagara.    Our cemeteries are also places of rest for fallen heroes and our veterans from wars in our past and in our present.  

As a daughter of two WWII veterans, I grew up with the stories of comradery, pranks, hard work and bad food.  The misery, the loneliness and the heart ache were not told to me until I was much older.    Dad passed a few years back, but my Mum is in her glory at 88 years of age.  She lives independently in town, and still has that military stride as she marches down to Queen Street with her walker. Mum’s routine is a bit of shopping, 3 bottles of wine at the Liquor Store and then coffee at Balzac’s.  The staffs at Balzac’s are wonderful enough to give me a call to come get her when she’s ready.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is full of interesting characters and a great place to meet people from all sorts of interesting places.    Mum was at the Epicurean Restaurant this summer and chatted away to a couple from Georgia who were here to enjoy the Peach Festival in August.   They were flabbergasted that we could be so far north and have such great peaches!!  They moved from peaches to music and then they being similar age to my Mum, World War II became the topic.   Both were in the same places at similar times during the war, so they reminisced together for a few minutes.   So it is not only on November 11th that we remember.  As Mum told her children and her friends, and undoubtedly,  this couple from Georgia told their family and friend of this chance meeting.  It too became an occasion for us to all remember those that sacrificed so much for us.

Thank you to all the young men and women who serve on our behalf. I am forever grateful to those who have served in the past, and to our present day soldiers,   I wish you a safe journey and to come home as you left us.

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