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High Water levels causing shore line erosion

Added: Jun 06, 2017
Category: News About NOTL

2017 has seen unprecedented rain fall and high water levels all along the shore line of Lake Ontario.  Here in our historic Niagara on the Lake, locals worry about the long term impacts of the high water levles.

From Ryerson Park Beach and along to the Niagara River to the Niagara on the Lake Sailing Club and Smugglers cove, the shore line has changed as small continual land slides take away the natural beaches and even trees!

Skyview Arts Inc published a you tube drone video of the erosion - filmed by Rene Bertchi  (owner of Airlie Cottage)

The town staff have been working hard with giant sand bags along the public access areas and monitor it closely.  But what can we really do?   Water is a force of its own and this year it will leave its mark for decades to come.

The high water levels are expected to last until the summer solstice when the waters start naturally going down.  However, its my understanding that there are some water management issues to prevent flooding along the shores of the St. Lawrence River as well.  This is contributing to the problem NOTL is experiencing.

Home owners along the shore line have been provided with some services to help prevent further erosion.  The NOTL Sailing Club and Smugglers Cove Marina, will have to wait until mid June to assess the damage and reconstruction.

Mother Nature isn't cooperating much either, with lots of rain,  everything is green and growing fast!   In July our judging for International status in Communities in bloom will benefit from all this rain, but that is so far the only good thing I can think of.   I am sure the farmers are concerned about the abundance of rain and the unusually cool temperatures. 

So for our guests who normally come to town for the Shaw Festival, biking trails or touring wineries you won't see much difference.  But for those of you who enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding or hiking the bolder trails along the Niagara River you will be in for some surprising changes.

This article was in the Niagara Advance and it was written on May 17th but the water levels have risen since then.    .   It is anticipated that it may reach another 12 to 20 cm higher.

For now Riccardo St between Melville Street and Navy Hall is closed to only local traffic.    If you want to climb down the trail at Ryerson Park you can see the beach is gone.  Or the newly renovated access to Fort Mississauga can also offer you insite.   Access is at the corner of Front and Simcoe St.,

The Niagara on the Lake Golf Club is concerned for two reasons, 1 the course is very wet but the other is that a couple of the holes are within a few metres of the erosion.  However this hasn't dampened the enthusiasm for enjoying a good meal, hanging out with friends and enjoying the view at the Club!    Also the patio at Queens Landing is still really enjoyable and you can see the NOTL Sailing Club from a unique perspective.

So don't let this stop you from visiting our town.  Come stay at a Vacation Home Managed by Niagara holiday Rentals, you best way to ensure a great stay!


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