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Summer Festivals|Small town fun at its best!

Added: Jun 24, 2017
Category: What's up

Niagara-on-the-Lake has a lot going on for it.   Given the location close to Niagara Falls, wine country and flat terrain its great for everyone who wants to visit the falls for a couple of hours, but explore the rest of the Niagara peninsula by enjoying biking, walking, wine tasting and touring around the many historic sites, gardens and dining establishments.  

I think we are also well known for the Shaw Festival Theatre, Art Festivals and Music Festivals being held throughout the year.

However, if you want some simple old fashioned fun there is nothing like spending the day at either:

  •  Strawberry Festival (3rd Saturday in June) hosted by St Andrew's Presbyterian Church on Simcoe
    St.  Enjoy strawberry short cake, strawberry funnel cake, strawberry ice
    cream, strawberry jam  or just plain old fresh from the garden
    strawberries!  2017 is the 34th annual event.  From entertainment,
    plant sale, craft sale, book sale, and whatever else the member of the
    congregation put together, this is a fun time!

  • Cherry Festival - 2nd saturday
    in July , St Mark's on Byron ST. host this amazing celebration to my favourite
    fruit!  I don't know of any other place that grows a cherry better than
    Niagara! In addition to anything cherry, they have music, tag sale,
    silent auction

  • Peach Festival - for this one they have to close down the street to traffic and it is on both Saturday and Sunday.  Hosted by Saint Vincent De Paul Church on Picton st, it is always the 2nd weekend in August.  Peach sundae's , peach jam, Peach cobbler, peaches by the barrel, you have to get there early before they sell out.  Home baked goodies, hand made crafts, tag sale, live music and a street sale make this an event people make a special trip for year after year!    The chamber of commerce usualy follows up on Sunday with a White Dinner set up on Queen ST.  This is a sell out event every year so register early

  • Grape and Wine Festival- the crowning glory - while the focus is mainly on the wine, there wouldn't be wine without grapes!  The Niagara grape is sometimes over looked by its Californian cousin, but as a granddaughter of a grape grower, I just love our local grapes... but i spit out the skins!!  The last 3 weeks in September are dedicated to one of the main industries in our region and each community has something going on during this time, but its always full of electric adventures, local crafts, music, food and cheer (or should I say "Cheers!")

Niagara is unique in Canada because of its milder climate below the escarpment.  The carolinian forest is similar to the flora found in Georgia and the Carolina's making this an ideal place to grow soft fruits.  Although since our growing season is shorter the fruit tends to be a bit smaller, but is packed full of flavour and goodness!  Once you have attended one festival you will want to enjoy them all!

The Strawberry, Cherry and Peach Festivals are all within easy walking distance of your vacation home.   So you don't have to worry about parking. Entrance to the festivals is free, but bring cash because a lot of the vendors aren't set up to handle electronic payment or credit cards.  These are full day events so don't make a lot of plans, also the evening you will be a bit whipped and full of yummy treats, so keep the evening plans simple!

This is all family fun, so no matter what age you will enjoy some old fashioned fun!  The summer heat can be intense so where a hat,  long loose clothing and comfortable shoes.   Also bring reusable bags in case you find that iresistable something that you can't leave without!

Just remember not to wear white and to bring some stain remover with you, because all these goodies are to yummy not to just dig in and enjoy!

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