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Flowers Anyone?

Added: Jul 08, 2017
Category: Stuff Eric & Janet Recommend

What a Blooming Great Idea!!

Are you coming to celebrate something special?   Do you want to acknowledge a person that has gone above and beyond for you?  Whether it is a spouse, a special friend an in-law (or maybe sucking up to an out-law), why not say how you really feel with flowers?

Usually around valentines day and mothers day we get guests calling us to make arrangements to have flowers in their vacation rental as a surprise.

We always recommend VanNoort  Florists, in Virgil (just a hop skip and jump from Niagara on teh Lake)  , 1634 Creek Road, NOTL, L0S1J0, 905-468-7815  or email

VaNoort Florists has been in business for longer than I have been alive, well almost, I am 1 year older but young at heart!    Being around for over 55 years doesn't make them old fashioned though.  If you get a chance drop into the shop and say hello to the most helpful, friendliest group of ladies around!   Whether you want something small just to say I was thinking of you (like I just did for a good friends birthday, I mean what else can you get a girlfriend that has EVERYTHING!) or a big impressive beautiful bouquet for that someone you want to say that they are really important to you and you want them to know it !   

The very talented ladies of VanNoort's can make up custom floral arrangements on the spot, its even better if you can give them several days notice.

Make sure when you order the flowers that you tell them you are guests of Niagara Holiday Rentals.   Then call us and for a modest fee will make arrangements to have them in your vacation rental upon arrival! 
Or you can make arrangements to pick them up on your way to checking in!

and want to know a secret?   On Wednesdays and Saturday mornings the breakfast club has a 1 hour class and for $25 you get coffee or tea, a treat to eat and a made it yourself floral craft!  I have gone to several and have loved each and every one.   You get to mingle with some locals and get the scoop on our town.   Or just enjoy hanging out with you girlfriends.

I am sure if you ask, you could even arrange for your own very private seminar!  But you would needs loads of notice because these are the busiest and hardest working ladies in town! In addition to fresh cut flowers, planters, succulents they also have lots of neat little gifts like scarfs, bracelets, pillows and nick nacks. Sometimes you just want a little something to pick up your day, so why not just buy it for yourself. You will always enjoy visiting VanNoort's its one of the 'happy places'!

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