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Where to go for Breakfast, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Added: Jul 15, 2017
Category: Where to eat!

Going out for a nice breakfast is on of my favourite things to do.   I am not a morning person, so getting up and going out first thing means it must be pretty special and something that I really want!  Good coffee, yummy eggs, toast and fresh fruit are my get up and get there morning motivation!

In Niagara on the Lake there are several places that we recommend!  (all are in our guide book on this link so you can get the phone numbers, address and websites by clicking here )

River Bend Inn - over looking vineyards, white table cloths, great service and a really good cup of coffee.  This may be a little pricey for breakfast, but really reasonable if you call it brunch!  While its within walking distance of Queen St (its on John by the Niagara Parkway).  During high season you will need reservations.  We haven't been for about a year or so but are really looking to going soon.  We bike over from our house!  

Niagara on the Lake Golf Course - best view and reasonable price - usually you can walk right in.  I think not many people are aware you can get breakfast and that the golf club is open to the public.  Located at Front and Gate Street, you have a beautiful view of the Niagara River and looking at the Toronto Skyline accross Lake Ontario.  Sunday mornings are especially a treat since the sailing club are racing and you get to watch while enjoying a really good breakfast at a pretty reasonable price!   The Golf Club also has a patio open for lunch and dinner so its a great spot and within walking distance of your vacation rental.

Sunset Cafe - on Queen Street .   This restaurant only serves breakfast and is open early in the morning to mid afternoon.  You can get any kind of egg, omlet, waffle, and the side orders are a long list of healthy nutritous to waffles with mountains of whipped cream.  Generous portions, good service and your cup of coffee is always full!   Its a bit pricy for breakfast, but then the location is great and you won't need to eat for the rest of the day!

Red Rooster - sadly its rummoured that our beloved Red Rooster was purchased by Vintage Inns and this is the last summer that it will be a diner.   It has got those benches and chairs you find in all diners, comfortable and a great place to lounge with your friends over a good breakfast.  We will miss the Rooster.  but maybe when it turns into an Asian food restaurant they will keep serving something unique for breakfast??  Here is hoping!

Saturday morning Farmer's Market   - located on Hwy 55 accross from Jackson Triggs from about 8:00 am to mid afternoon, you can get fresh produce, lots of yummy treats (but pick up your coffee at the MacDonalds on your way!).    Usually it starts May long weekend and goes until the end of September.  There is lots of parking but its fun to ride your bikes over!

Mid week Breakfast bar at the Harvest Barn   - new this year and just started a couple of weeks ago!  Going to the salad bar at Harvest Barn is our most often place we go for lunch.  Its reasonable and the food is good.  We just recently saw that they have a morning breakfast bar so we are looking to try that out too.  Again, maybe getting a coffee from McDonalds is advisable!  Harvest Barn always has great veggies, baked goods, bread and a small grocery section full of yummy and unique goodies.  Lots of local stuff too!

Silks Restaurant in Virgil   - ok so Silks isn't in our guide book but its located at the corner of hwy 55 and 4 mile creek rd.  In the Plaza wtih Domino's Pizza.  Silks is the place we go most often.  Still get a good breakfast for under $10 bucks.   It a reall dinner and we are comfortable in our casual dress.  Service is excellent and we have never had anything that we didn't like.  Its basic homestyle good cooking!

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