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Summer Festivals|Small town fun at its best!

Added: Jun 24, 2017
Category: What's up

Niagara-on-the-Lake has a lot going on for it.   Given the location close to Niagara Falls, wine country and flat terrain its great for everyone who wants to visit the falls for a couple of hours, but explore the rest of the Niagara peninsula by enjoying biking, walking, wine tasting and touring around the many historic sites, gardens and dining establishments.  

I think we are also well known for the Shaw Festival Theatre, Art Festivals and Music Festivals being held throughout the year.

However, if you want some simple old fashioned fun there is nothing like spending the day at either:

  •  Strawberry Festival (3rd Saturday in June) hosted by St Andrew's Presbyterian Church on Simc...

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Considering purchasing a vacation rental in Niagara on the Lake?

Added: Jun 18, 2017
Category: For Vacation Home Owners

Considering purchasing a vacation rental in Niagara-on-the-Lake?

Niagara on the Lake requires anyone renting for stays less than 28 nights to have a Short Term Rental License with a classification of a Bed and Breakfast, Country Inn, Cottage or a Villa.

If you buy an existing Cottage or a Villa, the license could be grandfathered under the rules prior to the 2013 revisions of the by-laws governing short term rentals.   Call Niagara Holiday Rentals to see if the property you are considering to purchase is grandfathered!  Also if you are buying an existing vacation rental, you want to make sure you discuss how HST will apply on the purchase agreement.  This should be discussed before putt...

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HST and your vacation rental

Added: Jun 18, 2017
Category: For Vacation Home Owners

Owning a Vacation Rental in Ontario is a bit different than in other parts of the world for two main reasons:

1. Since 2010 Ontario has HST on commercial activity and Short Term Rental is considered a commercial activity.

2. Cost of Real Estate in Ontario is some of the highest in Canada, so the potential liability of not understanding HST on Vacation rentals could mean creating a liability that you didn't bargain for!

I will add a third challenge.  Marketing for Vacation Rentals is primarily done through online travel agents (OTAs) such as HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB, and TripAdvisor. More and more they are pushing for online booking but since the entity you sign up with is an offshore com...

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Booking directly saves you $, time and worry!

Added: Jun 18, 2017
Category: What's up

On Line booking is dominates the accommodation travel booking industry.  But you don't have to be a big on line travel agent to offer booking on line!  You can book on line directly with your host, Niagara Holiday Rentals at !  Or call us and we'll chat with you about your accommodation needs and what to do in Niagara 905-468-8985 X 1.

On line travel agents (OTA's)in our industry are dominating the travel experience as guests like to have one stop shopping for their travel requirements.   Increasingly,  the OTA's have changed their pricing structure so to advertise on them, it is increasingly ...

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