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Top 10 Things to Do in Niagara

Added: Feb 03, 2020
Category: What's up

Here are a few recommendations for things to do in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Niagara-on-the-Lake was voted as one of the prettiest little towns in Canada.

  1. Eat - we are after all, the culinary capital of Canada! Not only that we, offer a bounty of seasonal fresh produce including strawberries, cherries, peaches, plums, garlic, corn, and more. Lots of local fruit and veggie stands!

  2. Drin...

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Cycling Niagara - Niagara Holiday Rentals is Bike Friendly

Added: Sep 13, 2017
Category: What's up

Just had a great meeting with Sue Morin from Venture Niagara to figure out if our company, Niagara Holiday Rentals qualifies as a Bike Friendly Firm under their program..... and it does!   We are so excited, because cycling has become the number one request from our guests who like to book vacation rentals in Niagara!

We are happy to say that lots of our homes are perfect for those that like to cycle the region of Niagara.   The two loops around the peninsula can be be found on    These are routes highly recommended by the cycling enthusiasts but are considered fairly easy and great for beginners.&nb...

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Me and My Girl - Shaw Festival

Added: Jul 23, 2017
Category: What's up

The Shaw Festival is the largest repertoire theater in North America and since the 1980's has grown to be one of the top live theater experiences to be enjoyed by all.  It doesn't matter what type of theatre you enjoy, from the serious, to the musical, to be just entertained or if you are an aficionado of live performance, the Shaw Festival has something for you to enjoy.

This year in particular marks a major shift as we are getting to know Tim Carrol as the creative executive director.  This is Tim's first full year of being in charge and he is making his mark to our great delight!

A great number of our guests rent a vacation home to go to the Shaw Festival.  However, a great many more learn about th...

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Summer Festivals|Small town fun at its best!

Added: Jun 24, 2017
Category: What's up

Niagara-on-the-Lake has a lot going on for it.   Given the location close to Niagara Falls, wine country and flat terrain its great for everyone who wants to visit the falls for a couple of hours, but explore the rest of the Niagara peninsula by enjoying biking, walking, wine tasting and touring around the many historic sites, gardens and dining establishments.  

I think we are also well known for the Shaw Festival Theatre, Art Festivals and Music Festivals being held throughout the year.

However, if you want some simple old fashioned fun there is nothing like spending the day at either:

  •  Strawberry Festival (3rd Saturday in June) hosted by St Andrew's Presbyterian Church on Simc...

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