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Outlet shopping...busted!

Added: Jan 09, 2016
Category: What's up

Myth busting the outlet mall mentality


Last night I watched CBC’s Market Place. Guest what? Just as I thought somethings weren’t as bad as I thought, its worse.   I was really not for the Niagara Outlet mall, Canada’s largest high end retailers have opened a beautiful mall with lots of outdoor areas, great parking and lots of selection. Included are a Bass Pro Shop, Coach, Marshall’s, Tim Horton’s, Eddie Bauer and every shoe store you can imagine!   Targeting upscale, the Niagara Collection Outlet mall has been a hit amongst the day trippers to Niagara.

While I actually only go for the food court (best $5 burger in town) in the Eatery, I always found that I wondered around the areas and window shopped more than anything else.

The Market Place show actually filmed a segment at the Niagara Collections Outlet Mall and interviewed several shop assistants at a few famous brand stores like Coach and J Crew.   Its discovered that if you compare an item and a normal retail store and compared to a similar one found at the outlet, that you can identify telltale signs that the outlet merchandise is not made the same.  Definitely on the Coach hand bags you could see the difference, and the interview spoke about the difference in the quality of leather and even that there was a difference in the how long the items would last. This was eye opening for me!   J Crew, well I was less surprised, I had known that big brand names have different levels of quality for different distribution lines, so you really do get what you pay for. Not saying that the outlet items are bad, or seconds or anything derogatory.   Its just that they may not of all the bells and whistles that you think you are getting when you pay full pop at the flagship store locations.

That being said, it is still nice to go to the outlet mall if you have some shopping to do and now that its too expensive to do any cross border shopping then you should still have a great time.   Just be aware that the price does not necessary reflect the brand in all its glory.   However, the Bass Pro Shop is well worth the trip just to see the big aquarium with all sorts of fish from the Great Lakes in it! And they have pink camouflage anything, including collars and coats for fido!   Also if you have been looking for a great cast iron skillet, they have a wide selection of good quality and in a variety of sizes.

Its rumoured that Costco will be moving in to that location. The subdivision surrounding the outlet mall is called Niagara-on-the-Green and also the Niagara College is very near that shopping mall so here is a real tid bit of news. One of the best restaurants in all of Niagara is the Benchmark Restaurant which is staffed with the best and brightest from the award winning Canadian Food and Wine Institute. Dine in or get take out for the perfect picnic.   They also cater!!

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