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Niagara Holiday Rentals General Policies

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Yeah, I know, you are on holiday and you just want to relax and enjoy!

But a quick review of our policies helps everyone sleep better at night!

1. Must be at least 25 years of age to rent a vacation home, mostly minimum 2 night stays but sometimes a 3 night stay. High Season is May to October. High Season rates apply to all holidays and long weekends.

2. Reservations are not transferable. The person who made the reservation must stay for the full duration of the booking.

3. These are private homes and not venues for large parties, weddings, bachelor / bachelorette parties, graduation parties, rehearsal dinners or BBQ/grill for large gatherings. Each house has a cap on number of people permitted to be on the property at one time. Only registered guests are permitted to sleep overnight. If not adhered to, you and your traveling companions will be asked to vacate the property without a refund.

4. Check in time is after 4:00 PM and Check out time is by 10:30 AM

5. Payments processed by Visa or Master Card only - and require a $500 security deposit.

6. Cancellation Policy: Reservations booked directly with Niagara Holiday Rentals are secured with a deposit and can be cancelled with a 10% fee (on the full amount) plus booking fee. Within the 35 days of arrival the reservation can no longer be cancelled. If you find you cannot use your reservation, please let us know as soon as possible. If we are successful in securing a replacement booking, you will be refunded from the proceeds received up to the full amount less the normal cancellation fee. Reservations for stays of 14 days or longer are subject to a different cancellation policy. If your reservation is 14 days or longer the cancellation fee is 10% of the total reservation plus booking fee; between 6 months and 35 days before arrival the cancellation fee is 50% of total booking plus booking fee. Cancellations within 35 days of arrival are non refundable.

7. Number of vehicles is limited to the parking spaces available at each vacation home. By-laws prohibits over night street parking. Please park in designated parking areas on the property. Niagara-on-the-Lake Parking Information

8. Only guests registered to the house at time of booking are permitted to stay and use any amenities of the vacation home.

9. The person booking accepts full responsibility for any and all damages or losses inflicted upon the house, its contents and/or property.The Property Owners and Management shall NOT be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or loss of personal property of any kind. Guests are solely responsible for the safety and security of all persons in the house, including children, at all times during the rental period.

10. Quiet Enjoyment: In accordance with Municipality By-Laws, which states the quiet time for the town is 10:00 PM-9:00 AM.

11. In case of personal injury, emergency or fire call 911 on house phone (if available). Address of home is on the blue card. During a fire, use fire extinguishers if possible without harm to yourself. If in doubt about health or injuries, call tele-heath which is a free service 1-866-797-0000

12. Garbage cans are located outside, also blue and grey boxes for recycling. We take the garbage and recyclables to roadside before 7:00 am on Friday.

13. Before leaving, double check that you have not left any personal items behind. Call us if you have forgotten something and you want it shipped back to you. We will take it to the local UPS and you can provide them with your credit card number. 905-468-1600

14. House Maintenance: Your home is professionally cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival. Please help us maintain the home in a good and clean condition by following these simple procedures:

  • Place all soiled towels in the bathtub or shower
  • Run the dishwasher with soiled dishes prior to checking out
  • Dispose of all waste materials into specific bins outside as instructed upon arrival.
  • Please clean countertops and stove top of any spills or sticky residue
  • Please do not rearrange furniture in the house. Outdoor furniture stays outside, Indoor furniture stays inside! You may be assessed an additional cost to your stay if furniture is damaged from being inappropriately treated or the additional time to put furniture back in its designated spot.
  • Odours - Please refrain from cooking foods or creating aromas that linger beyond your stay. If the odours remain and result in relocating the guests coming in after your same day departure, you will be assessed the cost to relocate for one night. Strong aromatic foods can be cooked outside on the grill/BBQ.

15. If bedding and or towels are stained, please do not attempt to clean, this may set the stain. Please let us know as soon as possible and definitely before your departure.

16. Slipper Policy (if slippers are provided): To protect the floors & carpets, guests are asked to please remove their shoes inside the house. Slippers are provided. (Persons with disabilities are exempt).

17. If pet friendly, only the animals that have been agreed to by the property manager are permitted on the property. Animals are never permitted on the beds or furniture. If you have a dog, please do not allow your dog to keep barking while outside.

  • only pets named on the confirmation are permitted on the property. Some properties charge an additional fee per pet.
  • an additional non refundable charge will be assessed at the time of booking
  • failure to pick up after your pet, or if there is any damage to property, contents, furnishings etc. or if any extra cleaning/sanitizing is required an additional minimum charge of $100 will be added to your stay.

18. If the home has a wood burning fireplace, only fabricated fire logs are permitted. Use only one log at a time, it will last 2 to 3 hours. Do not use wood even if available. Do not use twigs or scrub brush. Chimney fires are always a concern. Fabricated logs burn cleanly and the cleaners do not have to worry about hot coals when they come in after you depart. Some fireplaces have been labeled do not use. These have chimney’s that have been blocked off.

19. No-smoking: No guest or visitor shall smoke Marijuana or other tobacco cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarette or any similar product whose use generates smoke or vapors within the house. This prohibition includes all balconies and patios, enclosed common areas, as well as outside within 9 meters of doorways, operable windows and air intakes

20. Loss or damage: We reserve the right to charge for any loss or damage etc. assessed upon departure. If extra cleaning or sanitizing is required over and above what would be considered normal wear and tear, a minimum fee of $500 fee will be charged to cover these extra costs.

21. During your stay we may have some maintenance work done on the outside of the home such as mowing, trimming, cleaning BBQ/grill, tidying up patio and pool/pond maintenance (if applicable).

22. Telephone (if available) International calls outside North America, made during your visit will be charged to the credit card number provided at the time of your reservation.

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